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Soul (aka soulctcher) is the man with the velvety voice.  His gaming experience goes back to the Magnavox Odyssey2 and spans over 35 years.  As an avid collector, Soul has owned more than 40 different consoles, and is also a PC gamer, though his passion is retro-gaming.  His collecting strategy for the Nintendo Switch is to collect the entire ESRB cartridge collection and any additional titles published outside of North America that have English playable from the cartridge.  Soul is also an administrator for r/NSCollectors and a number of other subreddits.  He can also be found mulling about the Nintendo Switch Collectors Discord.


Cyrix (aka CyrixSG) is the color commentary of the duo.  Starting in the early days of PC gaming with a Commodore 64, he then cut his teeth playing games like Death Track and Commander Keen.  His collection spans the ages, though he doesn't have room for everything.  Dabbling in competitive FPS for PC in high school, then competitive MTG in college, he ultimately landed in the speedrunning community, playing games such as Ninja Crusaders and Super Dodgeball fast (holding 2 World Records in the latter for a short period of time).  He's since moved into Switch gaming, diving into collecting a full US release library.  Cyrix joined the mod team on r/NSCollectors, and constantly throws his ideas and opinions around the Nintendo Switch Collectors Discord (among a few others), often playing Monopoly on Switch with the community into the wee hours of the weekend.

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